At Quilt, we know that where you gather matters. That's why everything we do happens in a woman's home. On our calendar, you'll find Quilt Chats, Co-working Days, and LearnShops, which each provide a different benefit based on your needs. Check them out below before you head to our calendar.


What's a Quilt Chat? A 1-hour pre- or post-work conversation on our monthly topic–hosted in a woman's home, of course! Come join us for thoughtful discussion, meet up to 10 new women, and leave feeling inspired.

First-timers can purchase their first Quilt Chat for just $9. Members have access to unlimited Quilt Chats, all month long!


Quilt Co-working Days are four-hour co-working sessions designed to foster connection and encourage productivity. The first hour is focused on women connecting and supporting one another. The rest of the time is designed to encourage productivity through accountability.

Members and non-members can purchase individual co-working days through our calendar.


LearnShops are where women convene to support one another, ask questions, and grow professionally, all out of the home. These live workshops feature teachers on a variety of topics, from Fundraising, to Building a Brand, to Healing your Gut Health.

Members and non-members can purchase individual LearnShops through our calendar.