Quilt Woman: Lenoria Addison

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Quilt Woman, Lenoria, shares her wisdom with us from the perspective of an entrepreneur, superwoman, and innovator.

To be a woman in America today is to unapologetically speak your truth.
— Lenoria

Q: How has your upbringing influenced the woman you are today?

A: I come from very humble beginnings so my upbringing has definitely made me more sensitive, resilient and empathetic.

Q: What do you think your superpower is?

A: My superpower is my ability to deeply connect with others and relate on an emotional level.

Q: When was a time in your life that you deviated from the norm and it paid off?

A: Anytime I’ve decided to invest in myself it usually pays off. I’ve held multiple jobs and I think usually the norm has been for people to stay working at the same company for “x” number of years, but for me I am curious. So because I’ve worked in multiple industries, I have a wealth of experience and can work across many industries and teams which I believe is an incredible strength. You essentially know a little about a lot of things and what you don’t know you can learn and master with practice and time.

Lenoria Quilt Woman Interview Blog Thread

Q: Can you tell us about a time that you faced a difficult challenge and overcame it? How did you muster the strength?

A: Challenges are usually very humbling experiences that remind us that there is still so much more to learn. Challenges also exist to “challenge” our creativity and expand our way of thinking. I face challenges daily especially now that I am working on my startup, OPENLTR, full time. Usually, my strength comes from my friends and family who provide me emotional support when I am struggling to see the silver lining. We must train ourselves to be more agile in life.

Lenoria Quilt Woman Blog Thread

Q: Who are some of the women that have inspired you throughout your life? What did they teach you?

A: My aunts have inspired me greatly throughout my life and have taught me that no matter how successful I become in life, it’s always important to pay it forward and really truly invest in others in the same way that people have invested in me. This could be investing my time, expertise or other resources. It’s the circle of life.

Q: What is your favorite part of your home? Why?

A: My favorite part of my home is definitely my bed! It’s where I recharge and really disconnect from all responsibilities and the pressures of adulting, daily.

Lenoria Quilt Woman Interview Blog Thread

Quick-fire (keep to one sentence or a couple of words):

What books do you recommend most often?

The back of the napkin


The sum of small things

Where do you go when you need to recharge?

A: Outside, anywhere where I am exposed to sun and surrounded by loved ones.

Lenoria Quilt Woman Interview Blog Thread

What is your favorite drink or food to make when you have people over to your house?

A: I’ve been really into making salmon and vegetables when I host people!

What does it mean to be a woman today?

A: To be a woman in America today is to unapologetically speak your truth.

One thing you wish more people knew about…

A: Each other. Today we are so disconnected from one another.