A Month of Creativity

Quilt Thread Burnout Prevention October Creativity

Humans are creative. It’s a trait that is unique to our kind as a whole. And while society has conditioned us to believe that creativity only comes in the form of a solo “stroke of genius,” we are all in fact capable of imagining a new possibility and then seeing it into reality.

Whether or not we’re using creativity in our daily lives is a different story. For some of us, we're so wrapped up in the hustle that we can burn ourselves out, failing to recognize the ways we need to recharge and re-inspire. Activating our sense of wonder can help us see our whole lives with fresh eyes.

That’s why this month we’ll be exploring what creativity means to us individually, where our creative blocks come from, and how we can support one another to live a more creative life.

What does living an artistic or creative life mean to you? What does it look like? Embracing your inner artist is different for everyone. True creation comes from living your everyday life artistically.

True creation comes from living our everyday lives artistically.

And that’s not all...head over to our calendar to check out all that October has in store. We can’t wait to get creative with you!