Midterm Elections: What You Need to Know

how to prepare for the midterm elections quilt

Midterm elections are right around the corner so let’s get informed. To make this process stress-free, we’ve put together a few resources to help prepare you to cast your vote on November 6th.

First, where are you registered to vote?

If you’re a California resident you can use this online voter status tool to ensure you’re registered and get additional information such as your registration location, party preference, vote-by-mail status, polling location and more.

If you’re a New York resident your voter status information can be found via this website.

*If you’re not a California or New York resident your state likely has a similar online status check under a similar name. Try searching “voter status + your state.” If this isn’t available you can call your local election office for this information.

What are midterm elections? This website will give you a detailed rundown of what the elections control, as well as information on the house of representatives and senate. In short, midterm elections shape congress for the next two years -- where legislation must pass before it reaches the president’s desk.

Why midterm elections matter? These legislators are our indirect link to the executive branch (the president). Although it feels we may have no control over our country's leader, choosing members of congress is an opportunity to disrupt the status-quo and force some compromise. With this great responsibility being handed to these individuals it’s important to be knowledgeable about their viewpoints.

Using the Sample Ballot look-up tool on Ballotpedia you can find all of the information that will appear on your ballot for upcoming elections, as well as viewing the candidates and a brief biography on each one.

For California voters: Here is a twitter thread with one minute video explanations of all of the propositions.