Quilt Holiday Party Recap

On Sunday night, we gathered at the Palihouse in West Hollywood for a beautiful night of compassion and celebration. We're so grateful to have you all as the heart and soul of this community. Thank you for showing up for yourselves, for each other, and in doing so creating safe spaces for every new woman who walks into a Quilt home. We wish you and your family and friends a wonderful holiday season.

Now without further ado, here's a recap of some of our favorite moments from our festive evening together.


"I moved to LA for a job. I didn't know anyone in LA and it didn't matter, I had my friends from work and my boyfriend. But then my entire team was made obsolete--I lost my job and I realized I didn't actually know anyone here and I needed to make a change. One of my friends told me about Quilt and I walked in and for the first time here I was embraced, held, seen. And I was like 'OH MY GOD THIS IS IT, this is what I've been waiting for.' I lost my job, broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years and I'm really excited to see what 2019 has in store, I don't think I'd feel as confident without this incredible community of women behind me."

- Overheard at the Quilt Holiday Party


"I watched the Muhammad Ali documentary and noticed before every fight, a man in the corner was shouting all of his victories into his ear, getting him ready for the ring. Then I thought, what would happen if we all had our very own hype man [and how can we be that for ourselves]?"

- Overheard at Quilt Holiday Party


"I wouldn't admit I lived in LA for a full year. I hated it here so much and felt isolated. I didn't know what a supportive female friendship looked like until I came to know Quilt women. There is nothing else like it. I now have roots here because of these women."

-Overheard at Quilt Holiday Party


Colby Lenz (photographed above) has been organizing prison reform since 2004 and during our evening together, shed light on the work of CCWP. Colby gave an action to the crowd urging us to get involved before Governor Brown finishes his term. Direction action to the attendees:

1) Sign on to the Drop LWOP campaign: DropLWOP.com

2) Sign petitions to help commute survivors of domestic & sexual violence: bit.ly/CommuteCA

And finally, a huge thank you to Tess at Palihouse, to OneHope Wine, and to MyIntent! We're so grateful you helped create this beautiful night.