How to Make New Year Commitments That You'll Actually Do


For most of us, the new year is a time of personal reflection and goal setting. Of the countless resolutions that will be made in the coming weeks the truth is that most people will forget about them by February 1.

So how can you avoid empty New Year’s goals in 2019 and instead set new year commitments that propel you in the right direction? Input: SMART goals.

SMART goals is an effective method to set realistic goals that actually matter with a clear way to track your progress and stay focused.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Specific: Think of clear and specific goals. Know exactly why you are setting your goal/s, who you are doing it for and what the end result of achieving the goal will be.

  2. Measureable: Having measurable goals is important so that you can track your progress and stay motivated. This should include knowing what your unit of measurement is, how much/many of it you need and how you will know when the goal has been achieved.

  3. Achievable: A common issue with New Year’s resolutions is that they are not realistic. You should ensure that your goal is attainable accounting for factors that may impede your progress.

  4. Relevant: Make sure that your goal is important to you, and that you are able to hold yourself accountable for its completion. Your goal/s should be applicable to your current environment.

  5. Time-bound: Put a deadline on your goals to keep yourself focused and to make sure they are a priority. While you should strive to complete your goal by your set date don’t feel discouraged if you don’t meet your goal in your desired time, just reevaluate and adjust as needed keeping in mind each part of the process.

Try this method out for fitness goals, learning goals, work goals and beyond. The structure sets you up for success by creating a clear plan of action and keeps you accountable to your goals. Whether your goals are small or big the most important thing is their significance to you and seeing them through to completion.