We All Have Struggles, Insecurities, and Pain

we all have struggles, insecurities and pain. compassion on the quilt blog. quilt chats
Those who lead with love live with fairness, empathy, and patience, doing so without conditions, judgment, or discrimination. When we employ these qualities, we are able to navigate even life’s most difficult challenges. Lead with love, you will never regret it.
— Cleo Wade

As we head into the end of another year, we’re capping it off with a holiday season filled full of joy and celebration. A season that can also be difficult for many (many) reasons–but a time that, at its core, exists to encourage gratitude and the spreading of love.

In the spirit of this season, we’re reflecting with gratitude on all that we’ve learned in 2018. The lessons for us have been many–but it’s easy to see the overarching theme. We all have something to learn from one another.

By spending this year learning to walk in one another’s shoes, we’ve learned how much that helps us to have compassion for one another. We all have struggles, we all have insecurities, we all have pain. But by opening up and being vulnerable with one another, we welcome the opportunity for genuine connection.

This month, let’s strip back the facade that we have it all together and be real with each other. The more real you are and the more you let the world see you for who you really are, the better off we all are...because you never know who your honest story will touch and inspire.

Join us to dive into a month of COMPASSION. We can’t wait to hear your stories.