Introducing our Ambassador Program

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How to Make an Introduction

We're excited to announce our Ambassador Program as a way to thank you for helping us grow this community. A program that not only allows us to grow thoughtfully, and ensure we introduce you to more wonderful women, but also allows us to have a little fun in the process!

When you make:

Every 10 Introductions for LA, NYC or SF: A free month of membership!

60 Introductions:  + a 60 minute massage

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you meet a new woman, who you think would be a wonderful addition to our community, share a little about Quilt and let her know you can gift her first Quilt Chat on us! (Check out our Welcome Highlights Story on Instagram for some brand lingo)

  2. Make a short introduction to our newest team member, Gracie Esparza, at and cc’ing “

If you need some inspiration, here’s sample copy:

Dear Quilt Team,

I’m thrilled to connect you with my friend [Name], who I think would be a wonderful addition to the Quilt community. I’d love to extend a complimentary invite to her to attend a Quilt Chat in LA. Can you help her with that? The east side is most convenient for her :)

Thank you!

[Your Name]

3. We’ll track your referrals for your free months! In the absence of a fancy referral-tracking system, we’re doing it the analog way (#startuplife). With each 10 introductions you make, that’s an additional free month.

We hope you’re as excited about this program as we are! We want you to know that it’s evolving, and we’d love to hear about other perks you’re interested in. Otherwise, we’ll keep track of introductions and are extremely grateful for your support in our journey to grow!

With love,

The Quilt Team