Favorite Podcasts from the Quilt Community

Photo by Libby Smith

We've compiled some of our community's top podcasts focused on self love, empowerment, and female leaders.

Modern Love - Produced by WBUR and found in the NY Times column, this collection of stories dives deep into love of all kinds.

The Heart -- A podcast about, well, the heart. This series is a piece of art—about the intricacies of emotions, bodies, and love.

Mind Love - Quilter, Melissa Monte, explores mindfulness, energy frequencies, healing past wounds, and more. Hell Yes, Melissa!

Rising Strong - Social scientist Brené Brown explains vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness—and how we can cultivate wholeheartedness in this life. Many quilters recommend listening to her on audible. 

Cindy Whitehead - A badass entrepreneur, inventor of the female Viagra pill, and initiator of The Pink Ceiling—Cindy shares her inside wire on how to be a successful female in the business realm. More podcasts here, here, and here.

The Sexually Liberated Women - Ev'Yan Whitney produces sex-positive dialogue that supports, emboldens and celebrates all of our sexual selves.

The Transcendental Meditation for Women - A guide for transcendental meditation, geared towards women professionals.