The Curious Nature of Over-Thinking

Words by  Tamara Campbell

I read an idea recently that caught my attention.

The author explains,

“…Much of what we call overthinking is often underthinking. Meaning, if you find yourself engaging in repetitive, obsessive, non-productive thoughts, it’s likely you haven’t precisely identified and fully unpacked what’s bothering you. Often, overthinking is the result of a combination of issues that haven’t been fully analysed.” – Ruben Chavez

I like that. I can identify with that idea.

The under-thought-thought often fools you into thinking that it’s really an over-thought-thought. I mean, it is an over-thought-thought, however it’s grossly under-thought. If it was actually a pure over-thought-thought, it wouldn’t continue swirling around in our consciousness searching for a place to settle – a place of clarity, peace and resolution. Thus, actually making it an over-active, under-thought-thought.

To be an ‘over thinker’ can be a dark place to be. Over-activity is often what causes us to label ourselves as ‘over-thinkers’. It’s the absence of a present mind; a reasonable mind; or a mind and heart that digs deep into the unknown, that enables this over-activity to take root.  To enable our thoughts to be processed more fully, we need to engage more fully, and see these thoughts through. All the way through to peace, enlightenment and rest.

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