Dancing In the Dark

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Words by Quilt Co-Founder, Ashley Sumner

Taste by Rhye

A weekly spark, to awaken and connect to feeling. 

Exercise: Dancing with your eyes closed.

Tonight, and every night this week, I want to help you get out of your head. The masculine side that makes you analyze and intellectualize, and into your body. That feminine vessel that carries your intuition, desire, and connection to self.

Prepare a space, just for you. Dim the lights, or turn them off. Light a candle, maybe a few. Dress in clothing that makes you feel. Or don’t wear clothing at all, it’s up to you. 

When you’re ready, turn this song on. Taste by Rhye.
Stand in the middle of your room. 
Close your eyes and listen. 
Listen and allow your body to connect to the flow of this groovy tune. 
The changing tempos, the beats that make you want to move, the trio of an expressive piano, violin and sweet vocals. 
The lyrics, open to interpretation, but perhaps tonight you imagine Rhye wrote these words to describe your relationship with yourself. 
I played it a few times. 

This is an experiment. I’m going to do this every night this week. I’m 2 nights in already. Will you join me? 

Each day will be different. We wake up feeling one way, and fall asleep feeling another. It is our job to honor these feelings and express them the way we need to. Because we need to. 

It’s time to feel your feels. Let me know how it goes! 

I'm attaching a music video to inspire - but I recommend watching it after your first go with it.