Feminine Energy Is Worth More Than Money

feminine energy erin rose ward quilt.jpg
Words by Erin Rose Ward

For some, the word “energy” is an abstraction reserved for more esoteric conversations amongst spiritual folk. Eye-rolls at its overuse are understandable, as there seems to be no concrete definition of what “energy” is. What does it encompass? What are its conditions for existence? How does it, or does it even, impact us human beings? Is it a learned practice? Is it measurable? The quantitative analyst in all of us is doubtful. You cannot pay bills with energy, no matter how well-intentioned it might be.

For the purposes of this conversation, we’re going to look at energy as a perspective, intention, and action rolled into one. Perspective is the way we think and organize the world around us, intention is the goals we have and what we value, and action is how we interact with the world and the steps we take towards a goal. Gaining an understanding of energy and its importance can be one of the most beneficial decisions a business makes.

If we look at energy as perspective, intention, and action bundled together, we can think of it in terms of the naturally occurring binary of masculine and feminine. While binaries can be dangerous and border on generalization as well as exclusion, the dance of masculine and feminine are complementary aspect of a whole, meaning one needs the other to exist. The yin/yang, the give/receive, the input/output. It has nothing to do with gender, and we can approach each energy as existing within both men and women.

Feminine energy can be categorized by the following: perspective that is broad and looks at a larger picture as well as considers all people involved. Intention that focuses inclusivity, nurturing, and fostering connection. Actions that are thought out, that are as patient as they are persistent. Feminine energy is the ability to make decisions from a place that is thought out as well as felt out. There is a focus on intellectual as well as emotional input. There is sense of the holistic existing within each of the details.

Masculine energy can be recognized when the intention is more results oriented. It's the realm of quantitative measurement. In complement to the feminine energy, the masculine perspective tends to hold a single point in focus. The intention is to move as swiftly as possible towards progress. Point A to B. An attention to resources. The action is more aggressive and confident, and it is the individual rather than the collective that takes the action.

One cannot exist without the other. We need the presence of both qualities for sustainable success. However, most businesses in contemporary capitalist culture favor the masculine. The qualities of the feminine are seen as weak, taking too much time. There is an insistence on proof of quantitative results, often having to do with financial gain. The individual's agenda (including an individual company) is more important than that of the greater collective.

By gaining an understanding about the existence of both masculine and feminine energies, we can bring awareness to when we are unbalanced in one or the other. We can call upon the power of the feminine to take pause in the middle of intense decision making, to consider a broader scope, and favor collaboration over the success of the individual. We can start to think more about what it means to lead from a place of receptivity to new ideas and perspectives as well as celebrating qualitative results and the gain of emotional capitol. For the growth of a business to be in direct correlation with the thriving and the contentment of each person involved is not only possible, but it is where we are headed with the rise of the feminine.

Whether woman or man, we each have both existing within us at once. Let us start to notice the the play between the masculine and feminine and make the constant balance between effort and surrender, between detailed planning and flexibility, between consideration of you and your goals and the wider lens of how it affects the world around you.