A New Year's Letter From Our Founders

Ashley Sumner and Gianna Wurzl Co-Founders of Quilt

“Building a business is the best platform for personal growth.” Words shared with us by a fellow female entrepreneur many years ago and it’s never felt more true than it does right now.

As we look back on 2018, we almost can’t believe the amount that has happened. In our first full year of business, we grew from 1 gathering in 1 city, to 500 in 3. We went from a 3 person team to 9. We launched our own technology, we raised millions of dollars, and so much more.

These are the things you can see. These are the things we talk about when asked, “How is Quilt going...?” And while we are so very proud of these things, what we’re most proud of is how much we’ve grown and how we’ve shown up as human beings in one of the hardest years of our lives.

We’re purpose-driven women learning how to do it all for the first time. The extreme highs and extreme lows in building a business are real. To give up the stability and control a job offers to create something from nothing is not for the faint-hearted. Without the commitment to our personal and spiritual development, we’re not sure where we’d be right now.

Why do we do it? Because Quilt’s vision to restore balance is bigger than the two of us; bigger than our team; even bigger than our community. We are here to build a new type of business that leads with her voice, and that starts from the inside out.

Her voice shows up in many ways, from our weekly team meetings that start with a question–“What’s a word to describe how you’re feeling?”–to picking tarot cards before brainstorming sessions, and practicing active listening, we honor our intuitive voice inside.

So what’s the recap on 2018? It was expansive, beautiful, challenging, emotional, joyful, hard, uplifting, purposeful, and many more things. And you, our kind, curious, bold community are the heartbeat of this new world we’re gracefully and not so gracefully fighting for every day.

We have A LOT in store for 2019. We’re going to grow in every way possible. We’re going to spoil you and every other woman and female-identified person that has the courage to walk through another’s front door. Get ready!

But first, a little bit of R&R over the holiday. We will each be tucked away in different parts of California, hiding out in cabins with a fire burning and a book in hand. The pause is just as important as the doing, so we can come back revitalized and ready to unlock more woman-made with you.

With immense gratitude, we wish you a Happy New Year!


Ashley Sumner & Gianna Wurzl
Co-Founders of Quilt